The MOPEX module prf_estimate is failing with a Perl error, or with an error about incorrect "flux" columns in a PRF file. What's wrong?
Posted by IRSA HelpDesk on 11 March 2013 01:55 PM
The Perl error is most likely a memory limit because you are trying to derive a PRF from too many stars x too many frames x too big a fitting area x too fine sampling. For example, if you have a big fitting area, you could reduce this by lowering PostStamp_Xsize and PostStamp_Ysize.

The second error is due to MOPEX having trouble with the flux column in the input table. This is a bug that remains to be fixed. You can get around it by having a table with just RA and Dec, or RA and Dec and X and Y. It will then determine an approximate flux for each PRF star for its fitting.
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