I have made a mosaic using Do I have to redo it when I run
Posted by IRSA HelpDesk on 11 March 2013 01:50 PM
No, you don't have to redo mosaicking, especially if outlier rejection is used as part of mosaicking, since APEX does not do outlier rejection. APEX can use the tiles created by Mosaic and saved in the coadd directory (COADDER_DIR). If you are using the GUI then you should Insert the APEX pipeline after the Mosaic pipeline, and remove the Fiducial Image Frame, Mosaic Interpolate, Mosaic Coadder and Mosaic Combine modules from the APEX flow. If you are using the command line then the following option should be set in the mosaic namelist:

keep_coadded_tiles = 1

Then set OUTPUT_DIR to be the same in both the and namelists. When running, the run_fiducial_image_frame, run_mosaic_interp, run_mosaic_coadder and run_mosaic_combiner steps can and should be skipped (set to 0 in the APEX namelist).
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