I have a list of images covering a big area on the sky, but I only want MOPEX to make a mosaic covering a small portion of that area. How can I do it?
Posted by IRSA HelpDesk on 11 March 2013 01:50 PM
1) Run Mosaic with only the Fiducial Image Frame module included in the flow (set run_fiducial_image_frame = 1 if using the command line) to create a Fiducial Image Frame table that includes all of the images in the entire input list.

2) Edit the resultant FIF.tbl (found in the output directory) to cover only the spatial area that you are interested in.

3) Run Mosaic again, but with the following settings:
Include the Mosaic Geometry module (run_mosaic_geom = 1)
Take out the Fiducial Image Frame module (run_fiducial_image_frame = 0).
Specify your modified FIF.tbl file as input in the Initial Settings > Optional Input & Mask Files > FIF file (FIF_FILE_NAME = FIF.tbl)

Mosaic Geometry will identify all of the input files that cross your modified FIF and will only use those files for the rest of the mosaicking process.

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