How do I access IRSA's holdings?
Posted by Vandana Desai on 14 July 2014 11:06 AM


You can search IRSA's holdings in several different ways:

1. If you know which source you are interested in, you can see a list of relevant IRSA data sets by using the Data Discovery Service.

2. If you would like to explore the Catalogs generated by a specific mission, start with the Catalog Search Service.


3. If you are interested in exploring IRSA's spectroscopic holdings, see a linked summary of Spectra at IRSA.

4. If you are interested in using the command line to explore and retrieve data archived at IRSA, visit our VO/API instructions.

5. If your primary goal is to visualize and download images held at IRSA, see the following links:

     Summary Table - this provides a linked list of all the image holdings at IRSA.

     Finder Chart - this is a tool which allows you to simultaneously visualize cutouts of several popular all-sky data sets.

     Image and Spectrum Server (Atlas) - this tool serves a diverse set of data, including contributed data products from a variety of missions.

     Cutouts - this tool serves cutouts of images held at IRSA.

6. Mission Specific Services - For some missions, data access tools have been customized to optimally view the offered data sets. You can see a list of these by going to the main IRSA menu on the top of each page, clicking on "Search", then clicking on "Mission-Specific Services".

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