What kinds of data are available at IRSA?
Posted by Vandana Desai on 14 July 2014 10:51 AM

IRSA is chartered to curate the science products of NASA's infrared and submillimeter missions, including many large-area and all-sky surveys. In total, IRSA provides access to more than 20 billion astronomical measurements, including all-sky coverage in 20 bands. Approximately 10% of all refereed astronomical journal articles cite data sets curated by IRSA.

IRSA offers access to digital archives through powerful query engines (including VO-compliant interfaces) and offers unique data analysis and visualization tools. IRSA exploits a re-useable architecture to deploy cost-effective archives, including 2MASS, Spitzer, WISE, Planck, and the multi-mission COSMOS data set.

For more details, see a list of missions with data served by IRSA.

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