I have a list of 200 Program IDs, and I want to download all the associated Level 2 IRS High-Resolution spectra. How do I do this?
Posted by Vandana Desai on 24 April 2013 02:13 PM

For such a long list of Program IDs (PIDs), you will want to write a script. For each PID, the script should:

1. Search the SHA for all Level 2 products associated with the PID. For example,

% wget "" -O output.file

For more details on constructing the URL, see

2. Choose only the rows with a "wavelength" column consistent with a High-Resolution observation (e.g. "IRS SH 9.9-19.6um").

3. If there are any High-Resolution observations, use the column "externalname" to find the name of the associated Level 2 pbcd product (e.g. r12256512/ch1/pbcd/SPITZER_S1_12256512_0007_8_E7359549_tune.tbl) and the column "accessUrl" to learn the URLs that you need to visit to download that product (e.g.

4. Download any High-Resolution observations found:

%wget "" -O SPITZER_S1_12256512_0007_8_E7359549_tune.tbl

Your script will have to loop over the above 4 steps to get through all of your 200 PIDs.

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