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When I upload a table, I get an error message saying "We cannot identify columns to use as coordinates or a column to use as object names/locations." What should I do?
Posted by IRSA HelpDesk on 01 April 2013 02:16 PM

This error message means that the column names in your table do not sufficiently describe an object name, or the locations on the sky using ra, dec, glon, glat, etc.

Clean up the column names so they are recognizable by IRSA services. See Supported Coordinate Systems for more information.


| jcgRA    | jcgDec  | size   |
  150.3814   2.3606    60.0
  150.2794   2.1560    60.0
  149.8873   2.0789    60.0
  150.2323   1.9599    60.0
  150.5407   2.5196    60.0
  149.9343   2.4426    60.0

In the above example, there is extraneous text appended to RA and Dec, rendering the column name unrecognizable.

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