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When I upload a table, I get an error message saying that records in the table do not contain uniform number of columns. What does that mean?
Posted by IRSA HelpDesk on 01 April 2013 02:13 PM
This error indicates that the table you uploaded contains too many data columns and too few column names.

If you are using IPAC ASCII Column-Aligned, or tab- or comma-delimited formats, the number of cells containing data must not exceed the number of column names.

In the following example, there are three named columns: A, B, and C. However, there is a row with four cells of data:


In the above example, the "11" is orphan data because it is not aligned with column A, B, or C.

If you are using IPAC ASCII Column-Aligned format, placing data under the vertical bars in the header will result in both this error message and a "failed to parse" error message.

Add additional column names in the header row to identify each data cell, and make sure that data entries are properly aligned with the correct header columns.

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