Why does my IRAC observation appear to have no post-BCD (Level 2) data?
Posted by Vandana Desai on 22 March 2013 03:33 PM
If the data was taken in IRAC's subarray mode, or for certain IERs (Instrument Engineering Requests), there will be no post-BCD data for the observation. Data in IRAC subarray mode are not processed through the online post-BCD pipeline. The post-BCD pipeline was not designed to work with the three-dimensional data cubes that are the subarray BCDs. When the software was developed it was deemed unlikely that subarray observations would be used for anything other than photometry of single bright objects and mosaics would not be a desired product. As a result, post-BCD products (e.g., mosaics and source lists) are not available from the pipeline. Please see the IRAC Instrument Handbook for more information on dealing with subarray data.


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